Our Services

FCM Services include but are not limited to:

  • Expert diagnostic services
  • Engine, transmission, and driveline maintenance, repair, and upgrades
  • Brake system maintenance, repair, replacement and upgrades
  • Suspension maintenance, repair, replacement and upgrades
  • Maintenance, repair, and replacement of parts on all ancillary vehicle systems
  • Alignment services utilizing a state of the art computer controlled laser alignment rack
  • In house corner balancing and scaling for track junkies and racers
  • Design, engineering and fabrication of custom parts for any purpose
  • Custom fabricated roll cages

General Maintenance and Repair

Fairfield County Motorsport can perform any and all classic style maintenance and repair. Quality service is our #1 goal. Our factory-trained technicians have more depth and experience than most new car dealerships. Whether it is a simple oil service, a top end overhaul, a transmission rebuild, or new tires, FCM can handle every task from the easiest maintenance to the most demanding technical work without difficulty.

Bosch Authorized Service

Since 1886 the Robert Bosch Corporation has been a leader in automotive systems starting with spark ignition. Over one hundred twenty-five years later Bosch is still leading the world in the design and manufacture of advanced vehicle systems and parts. Because Bosch systems are in use in a large majority of the worlds vehicles, the Robert Bosch Corporation initiated a program to train independent service specialists to trouble shoot and service these systems. Thus the Bosch Service Center was born.

Bosch Authorized Service Centers have many advantages over other independent service and repair centers.
  • Advanced Technical Training: Technicians are trained to be proficient with all Bosch Systems
  • Approved Service Facility: Equipped with state of the art mechanical and electronic diagnostic equipment.
  • Genuine Bosch Parts: Used to service or repair all Bosch systems
Bosch Service Centers are equipped to service and repair the following Bosch Systems:
  • Gasoline Fuel Injection
  • Antilock Brake Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Hybrid Ignition
  • Electronic Systems

High Performance

Fairfield County Motorsport has been involved with performance work since it started as German Car Care back in 1987. FCM can perform anything from simple bolt on upgrades to fully fabricated custom enhancements.

We have extensive experience with high performance street applications, dual-purpose street/track cars, vehicles prepared for specific race classes, and anything else you can imagine.

Got a wish list? All upgrades are tailored to the individual customer and the car. FCM can help you organize and manage your special project.

In addition to customized work FCM offers specific packages of performance enhancements under the name Fairfield County Racing or FCR. Wheels and tires, suspension packages, power upgrades, brake upgrades, seating solutions and more are available.

Climate Controlled Storage

Fairfield County Motorsport offers climate controlled storage for your vehicle.

A battery tender is connected to the vehicle to maintain proper battery voltage and the climate controlled atmosphere maintains a constant temperature and humidity level.