Our Philosophy

At Fairfield County Motorsport we have some specific philosophies regarding how a car should be prepared for its intended usage.

Stock Street Cars

Whether your vehicle is basic transportation, a luxury car, or a sports car it should be maintained to the manufacturers standards or higher. That means using the correct fluids, high quality replacement parts, and the correct diagnostic tools. It also means taking care during servicing so that little things don't get missed and cause bigger problems later.

High Performance Street Cars and Vintage Cars

A vehicle with more sporting intent, unmodified, lightly modified or highly modified requires more intensive maintenance. The same goes for a vintage car whether it has been restored or not. Such vehicles require the technician to be more cognizant of trouble spots. When modifying or caring for these more specialized vehicles only the best independent service specialists can provide the services required. The simple reason for this is enthusiasm and excellence. A high performance vehicle needs to be maintained by a specialist who enjoys working with such excellent machinery and has a reputation for quality. Again the same goes for vintage machinery.

Progression of Modifications for the Multi-Purpose Vehicle

  1. Assessment
    Assess vehicle for proper running and perform all required maintenance to bring vehicle up to perfect mechanical condition. Special attention should be paid to suspension, brakes, wheels and tires.

  2. Safety
    Begin modifications with safety enhancements. Fire extinguisher, proper seating and harnesses, roll cage or roll bar optional. Sports or racing seats are usually very comfortable and greatly reduce driver fatigue both on and off the track especially when coupled with proper 5 point harnesses. Some penalty will be required with respect toward ingress and egress.

  3. Wheels and Tires
    Modify the vehicle from the wheels up, not from the engine down. Start with high quality, high performance or possibly DOT R compound tires, also possibly a new set of larger diameter and/or wider wheels. When purchasing wheels consider the environment that they will be used in. A strong, lightweight, and repairable wheel usually means a 3 piece forged aluminum wheel, these can easily cost $3000 and up. A max performance tires or a racing tires will give you the single biggest performance upgrade, they will simultaneously increase cornering power, braking performance, and acceleration.

  4. Alignment and suspension upgrades
    A street car's greatest weakness on the racetrack or autocross course is usually the suspension. Great care must be taken when modifying the suspension of a dual-purpose car. It is very easy to make the car too stiff to be comfortable on the street. It is also easy to mess up the handling balance by making the car too low, using incorrectly rated springs, incorrectly valved shock absorbers, or having mismatched springs and shocks. Similar care must be taken with the alignment. An overly aggressive alignment will quickly wear out tires on the street; an alignment that is not aggressive enough will cause poor handling and worn tires at the track.

  5. Brakes
    Brake pad compounds may be upgraded to full on racing compounds, for heavy cars or cars with weak brakes a brake system upgrade should be considered. The benefits of a brake upgrade are increased longevity and more stable performance over time.

  6. Power enhancements
    Great power can be attained however it must be done while preserving drivability and reliability. The major factor here is cost. Exponentially the more power created the more it costs per horsepower.

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